Terms & Conditions

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Welcome to the terms and condition page of www.trustseobd.com. This is a service provider website in Bangladesh so it has needed terms and condition for its client. Please read these terms and condition very carefully.

You are not allowed to use any information published on our website. If you use any portion of our website content for any commercial purpose, it would be unlawful and we would take legal action against you. We would not be liable for any consequential, incidental damage or loss of profits or royalties caused by any of our services. However, at the same time, we can guarantee you nothing like that will happen if you take our services.


TrustseoBD offers internet marketing services that include, but not limited to: search engine optimization (hereinafter “SEO”), Google Adwords®, Facebook and other Social Media advertising, Link Building.


TrustseoBD will send Client an email requesting additional information for the Project Brief. TrustseoBD will commence work within fourteen (14) days after the date of receipt of information. TrustseoBD will use its best Service to Client within a reasonable timeframe. TrustseoBD is not liable for delays to project or anticipated timeframes for delivery of service.


All quotes supplied by TrustseoBD are valid for 7 days from the date the quote is provided. TrustseoBD may amend this provision during promotional periods. Acceptance can be provided in writing, via electronic mail, in writing or via fax.


TrustseoBD guarantees that Client’s website will appear on the first page of designated Search Engines within an agreed period of time of the Commencement Date. If TrustseoBD is unable to achieve this ranking within that time period, TrustseoBD agrees to provide further optimization services until such time when Client’s website is listed on the first page. But TrustseoBD does not back money that clients pay!

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