Top 10 SEO Ranking Factor 2020

seo ranking factor

Top 10 SEO Ranking Factor 2020

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  1. Keyword Research: Before you can create any website online, select the site keywords. Your site will need to determine which keywords you want to rank.
  2. Write Awesome Content: At present Content is King. Many times it is seen that Some site create a lot of Backlinks but the site does not rank. The main reason for this is content. If your site backlink does not rank then you should change your content. However, the content must be unique.
  3. On-Page Optimization: On-page optimization means that title, tag, LSI keyword, keyword density, internal link, image optimization etc. Fixed it soon.
  4. CTR (Click Through Rate): CTR Means WebSite Title and Description. If your site does not have the proper title and the Description correct, then fixed it. However, you must use your main keyword in the title and Description.
  5. Search Engine Submissions: After you prepare the website, you must submit Your site to Search Engine like Google and Bing.
  6. Mobile Optimization: Most people use the Internet on mobile. So if your site does not have mobile optimization, then fix it quickly.
  7. Loading Speed: If your site takes more time to click, the visitor will slow down on your site and Google will not make your site rank anymore. So you always try to fast your website.
  8. BackLinks: BackLinks is very important for Site Ranking. Always create Quality BackLinks on your website.
  9. Social Signal: If you want to get more extra visitor then always try to post on Social Media.
  10. Waiting: Wating means you should wait for your site rank. SEO is not a magic, give some to time rank your site on Google.

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