On-Page SEO Tips: Step by Step Guide 2019

on page seo tips

On-Page SEO Tips: Step by Step Guide 2019

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Now I am taking with you about on-page SEO tips.  You can learn everything on page SEO from this post. Are you ready to learn On-page SEO tips:

Let’s Go:

At first, you should know what is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is coding level SEO that’s mean your website input optimization.  Google Search Engine rank a website if the website follows their rules.  On-page SEO is underground SEO technique so that you can rank higher on Google.

10 Actionable On-Page SEO tips


Responsive Design:

I know you are thinking about what is related on-page SEO with responsive design.  YES! Here have some relation to the design. Now, most of the people visit your website daily but if your website design ugly then visitor don’t like it and they will back to your site and find another result. Next time they will never visit your website.

And another reason is the mobile visitor. Now the maximum number of visitor coming from the mobile phone. If your website does not mobile friendly then you are losing a mobile visitor.

So what do you thinking? 

You should take care of your website design. But one thinks always remember that Don’t force for too much design. Your design should be user-friendly. Now You can fix your web design from web design company in Bangladesh!


Keyword Research for Your Article:

Before start writing research your keywords that people searching on Google. For keywords research, you can use Free tools like Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere etc. For example, You have an interior design website and service and you need to know which keywords will help you to get more traffic and clients. Here you can check some keywords idea interior design company in Bangladesh, interior design in Bangladesh, interior design company, interior design services etc.

After finding your targeted keywords then research your competitor’s article what they have been providing. When you know everything about your competitor keywords how they write an article and what they add for an article then you can easily get an idea what you should write for your visitors.

But Remember that at first use medium quality keywords volume and find long-form content.  Because long-form content helps you rank higher short time!


Awesome Content:

Still Content is king and it will be there. Content is the biggest part of SEO. Google will rank your website if your content quality is Good.

What does mean by Quality Content?

Quality content is unique content that you write yourself and don’t copy from other. But your content will be user-friendly.

For example, I write this content but people visit my website but they don’t like my content that’s mean My content quality is low. Your content will be user-friendly that a maximum number of visitor love to read and share it.

REMember Google Loves your content if visitors love it. You write content not only rank on Google but also for the visitor. Write at least 1000 Words for per article!


Keyword Density:

It is a more important thing for on-page SEO. Keywords density means how many time you use your targeted keyword in your article.

Most of the people write long-form content but they don’t focus on Keywords density. If you write a good content but don’t use your targeted keywords in your article then Google think this content not the best result for the user.

I don’t mean that If you don’t use keywords density that’s mean you can’t rank on Google top. But you will lose some ranking point.

If you use WordPress then install Yoast SEO plugin. It will show you how many time you should use keywords density.

Images And Alt Tag:

You should use the image for your content. It is another on-page SEO tips.

But why?

Google does not understand images without alt tag. Think about it, If you are writing an article but you don’t use a single image. Then What happened? You will lose a ranking point.

If you use the image on your article then visitor like it. Because of most of the time when people read your article, they can’t understand user writing but if you use the image then they can easily understand what you are talking. After upload, an Image use alt tag so that Google can understand what is this image!


Title And Meta Description:

Do you know that most of the people mistake use title and meta description? But it is most important on-page SEO technique that will help you rank on Google top without building link. Title and meta description just like a rat trap. People visit your website seen the title and meta description. Here you can check Title tag Hack

For Example, You have written an article for your blog post. You use a Title and meta description and rank on Google SERP 5. When people search on Google and find your article but your title does not attractive for the user. They don’t click your post, Then Google will down your rank.

Title and Meta description is the best way to get the extra visitor. So If you don’t use attractive title do it right now!

For Ranking on Google use your targeted keywords in your title and meta description. But don’t use too much keyword for ranking. If you do this you can’t rank your target keywords.


Super Fast Loading Speed:

Now Fast load time is the biggest part on the higher ranking. People don’t like too much loading time. Because if you can’t give proper result another can. So if your website takes time to open your website then you are losing your traffic & ranking.

Do you know if visitor back to your site for load time then Google will down your ranking! Test your loading speed from Google

After testing your load time Pagespeed insights give you why your website takes time for loading. Download this file and fix it. Loading speed depends on Server. If you use low-quality server then your it’s natural your load time will be slow!

So make sure that fix your load time for higher ranking. It is another on-page SEO technique!


Internal Link:

The internal link means One page to another page link. It’s the great way to get visitor current page to another page. And Google ranking factor. When you use the internal link then you can your targeted keywords. If you do this Google can understand your linking page.

But remember don’t use too much internal link then visitor don’t like to read it. Here 7 internal link technique that will improve content marketing!

HTML Tag (h1, h2, h3):

HTML heading tag is an On-page SEO technique. Because it will give value your content on Google. When you write an article make sure that use your HTML heading tag.

But how to use HTML heading tag?

  • Use your targeted keywords
  • Use LSI keywords
  • Use H1 to H5
  • Use Visitor Attractive headline

Short URL:

When you write an article you will find a URL section then use short URL because Google can easily understand what is your article. But many people use too long URL and some people use like this: www.yourwebsite.com/2018/health-tips-trick-for-2018, www.yourwebsite.com/54%&%?mjg

Short URL not only ranking signal but also user signal. When people searching on Google then Google will show your Title, URL and description. People see your URL If your URL long then they don’t like it.

So Always keep your URL short and sweet!

Here are some Tips for you:

  • Use Short and Sweet URL
  • Use your targeted keywords
  • www.yourwebsite.com/your-keywords/

Final Thought

You can use this ten on-page SEO tips for rank on Google. There is a lot of things have on-page SEO but it is the main part. If you want to fix your on-page SEO problem connect the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh!

Use this technique and always focus on user/visitor. Don’t write a content for ranking on Google!

If People love to read your website then Google definitely love it and will give you a higher ranking!

If you know more On-page Tips leave a comment….

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