Search Engine Optimization Guideline: SEO Ranking Technique

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Search Engine Optimization Guideline: SEO Ranking Technique

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There are many days I thought to give a good post about SEO that means search engine optimization that reads all are get good guideline and benefited. Actually, we have much unknown information is unknown to us and many questions about search engine optimization. Many times some interested student and who want to take SEO service they are requested say something about search engine optimization. Actually, this is my post for them.

However, I give this post who are the request again and again. Some spelling is the mistake please forgive me. I hope that you will be benefited read this post and I will try to give elaborate information about SEO that means search engine optimization within very short time. I will give you some important tips that are very important for becoming  SEO expert. I hope that all are benefited and can be known to SEO read this post. There are many guideline and SEO tips in online but you can ultimately realize that this post is different.

Why do SEO?

Many people asked why is needed SEO for a website. We have come to known elaborate about needed for SEO. This is a very simple question why SEO should be needed for your website. We would like to clarify this question. This is an organic and fast process to rank of your website within very short time and reach you targeted people to sell your service and product. If you do not grow your potential clients then how you can sell your service or product. There is million website in the virtual world but few website rank in top search engine result page and only they can grow his business in the virtual world. To speak the truth if you want to grow your service or product and known to your website and to get organic visitor SEO is so important to your website. so do not be let to rank in top your website take our service.

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What is SEO?

However, come to the main point. What is SEO? Seo is a process that a website after the search in search engine and it shows SERP that means ( search engine result page) within very short time. That means anyone to get found your website search in search engine by expected keyword. If although possible the website brings in the first page or second page then all can be known to about your website. And it shows your website service. Anyone and any side of the world can know to all information and service show your website within very short time. So all get your website by search in search engine and about service from online. Now you can some realize why SEO learn and needed to know.

At first, we have to know what kind of SEO. There are two kinds of SEO

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

Now we have known to elaborate

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On-page SEO means that you will do SEO website that’s do some programming work that means some works to known in coding level. It is possible to learn on-page SEO by some trying. It is known to very important when you do SEO any website on-page optimization.  If you can Complete proper on-page Optimization than you can show your website Search engine result page (SERP) within very short. If you can’t proper on-page SEO for a website than your website will not stay long lays. Perhaps for this cause many websites not found in search engine. Because of those websites, not proper on-page optimization.

Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Off-page SEO is a process that is called digital online marketing for this you can follow this process increase your backlinks in another traffics in the website. to spread frequently off-page SEO means create backlink and increase organic visitors to the website. We can say off-page SEO on kinds of  Advertising that helping to promote your website globally.

SEO and Some Important Information

To know good SEO that means known to proper SEO is very important because Black hat SEO may harmful. If you wrong SEO then you do not a good result in search engine. So it is very important and properly about SEO always time keep a word recommended you have to keep up to date your self. If you would like to work in the internet world. I hope that you can know more about SEO by this post.

Some important Question and Answer about SEO:

Question: How will content of a website? Nowadays,  most of the people copy and cut some part of the paragraph to take another website that is very risky for a website. So don’t copy any content from other websites. Always should post unique content on your website. You should remember that Content is king and link is queen. So you have to post relevant and unique content so that you will be a resourceful website to the traffic. You should know more another mather is very important and that is keywords density.

What is called SEO friendly Website?

The main matter of a good website is the site SEO friendly. Now need to know what is called SEO friendly Website and how will develop SEO friendly Website. The answer to this question to say that SEO friendly means how much acceptable the website to search engine and the website is developed proper guidelines in the Search engine. You can know more information from online than I will give some information this post. You have to notice some matter when you develop a website that is first on title according to page name meta description meta keywords is use proper ways to make robots txt, XML sitemap and to submission webmaster tools mobile compatible have to check everything.

Load time for a Website

It is very important because landing page of a website and other pages it takes long to open then a user will feel disturbed and you will be lost traffic and traffic lost means your website is poor on google search engine and your bounce rate increase.

Note: But here is some important advice for you. Now Google publicly informs that page speed is ranking factor. But if your page speed is slow there is an issue that impacts your website SEO. So what should you do now?

You need to modify your website like image, CSS file, java scripts, etc. And the most important thing is hosting. If you are hosting server slow then it will be down your load time. Here is a web hosting company in Bangladesh who will give you the world top hosting for your website.

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